If you are on this page, you are probably keen to support me and what I do. Perhaps you’ve tuned into a stream, perhaps you tune into a lot of my streams, or perhaps we know each other. or perhaps you’ve just clicked that link I posted on Twitter or Discord for no other reason other than you are bored (I’m going with the latter).

Ever since I was invited to the affiliate scheme on Twitch I have been asked by a few as to why I haven’t signed up for it. Or, why I haven’t got a tip system in place. Or a Patreon.

The simple truth is, I am not in it for the money. I don’t feel I’m there. At least, not yet. I have a full time job which pays for me and my family to live, and there are streamers and content makers out there who are trying to make their living out of what they do and deserve your money more than I do. It is hard work, I appreciate that fully and I hope viewers and fans of content creators understand that it isn’t just hit record, play, make a living in 3 easy steps. It takes willpower, energy, determination, time, effort, and above all, belief in yourself that you can do it. And its not cheap – it’s not a cheap hobby, and then when it is what you do for a living, people expect the highest quality. In most cases, high quality content needs above average kit to create it.

But that is not to say I don’t want that – I would totally love to do all that. Nothing would make me happier than creating content for other peoples entertainment. Whether it is streaming games and making music for peoples enjoyment, or making videos and websites, or even writing stories (oh yeah, I’ve started that too, never a dull moment with me), all of this I enjoy greatly but right now fitting it all in is hard work, especially alongside the job, family commitments and that dreadful thing called real life.

Basically, I feel that I have made a good start, if a slow one, but I need that lift-off.

So how can you help?

In order to get my feet off the ground, what would help me out right now is sharing. If you believe that others would enjoy watching or listening to what I do, if you feel that perhaps I have something going on and you would like to see me do more, then please share what I do with others. Word of mouth, linking, twitter, that other social media platform the entire world uses, however you do it. You are of course under no obligation to do so. But financial contributions right now will not make me want to do this any more than I already do, but knowing I have a potential audience out there who would be keen to invest in me in the future for more of my time certainly would.

But I still want to give you money / I have an Amazon Prime sub to use up!

Tough! But no seriously, right now use that sub for someone who already is making / trying to make a living from it. That spare £5 you have a month, donate it to a worthwhile cause. Whatever you do with it, just don’t try and give it to me. Only start giving it when I start asking for it OK 🙂

You’re not listening dude, it’s you I want to give the money too…

If you are absolutely insistent that you want to fork out some money on me, then you have two other options:

– eventually I’ll be starting a Bandcamp account, giving people the opportunity to buy my music. You give me a little money, I give you some music. Fair trade.
– Have a look at my Steam Wishlist and see if there are any games on there that you would like to see me play, buy it and gift it. All I ask is, don’t pay full price. Are we agreed on that at least, right?

But please, hear me when I say this – I would prefer it, at this stage, if you could support me in other ways.


You probably already know how to reach me, but here is a handy list of links in case:

Twitch: https://twitch.tv/mattyrasker
YouTube: http://goo.gl/UQ4wmy
SoundCloud: https://www.soundcloud.com/raskmusic (14/09 – it is blank currently, but music will be there in the coming days)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mattyrasker
Steam Wishlist: http://steamcommunity.com/id/mattyrasker/wishlist/

One more thing

Feedback is helpful! If you ever feel that perhaps I’m not performing well in a certain area (ooo err!), or perhaps you feel I could be doing something better, I appreciate all feedback no matter how negative. A contact form will come, but for meantime throw me an email at feedback at mattyrasker dot me dot uk. Or PM me on Discord, or Steam, or Twitch, etc.

FINAL Thing (I promise)

To those who already give me encouragement, to those who are regulars to my streams, to those other streamers who have done shout outs for me and perhaps even host me on their channel, to those who keep the PlanetRask community alive in it’s still very early stages, even to those of you who already HAVE bought me games (that’s just too generous, and you know that 😉 ), you are all great and my warmest heartfelt thanks to you all.